Athyron systems have been installed in a multitude of different retail environments including:

  • Pubs, bars & night clubs - bar pos
  • Restaurants - fine dining & casual - restaraurant pos
  • Cafes, bistros & Deli
  • Fast food and quick service - fast food pos
  • eat2go Online Ordering!
  • Hotels Stadium Corporate catering
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Speciality retailers - retail pos
  • Convenience stores

With thousands of terminals and users installed throughout the United States and overseas, mostly in small independent restaurants, the Aprego system is the one to look at for price and performance. From Key West to Alaska and Mexico to Manila, this all inclusive POS system stands apart from the rest, as no system is as functional and affordable.

The Aprego product, incorporates eat2go right out of the box. Eat2go, introduced in 1999, is one of the first, if not the first, on-line food service ordering Internet solution. What makes eat2go unique, is even to-date, there is no other on-line food ordering product, that is a true portal which connects the brick and mortar store level environment to the Internet providing an additional avenue of revenue and line busting for the food-service operator. The user doesn't get in line, they simply get on-line!

With products like Adventa POS, its dual interface (touch-screen/keyboard) retail product, targeting retail shops, liquor stores, markets, and other retail outlets, with its product databases, Athyron is providing a full range of solutions meeting nearly all point of sales demands.

Continued investment in research and development capabilities yield state of the art yet reliable software, to run mission critical business processes and ensure the longevity of the client's software investment. With newer products like Juniper, targeting chains and inventory, sales and menu management, integrated digital signage, self service terminal support, hand held support, a new and revolutionary scripting engine dubbed Avocado, a recently developed retail Internet portal, our software architects, engineers and testers are very busy ensuring the availability of cutting edge, and most importantly, fully integrated solutions setting the product lines yet farther apart from the rest.

We, at Athyron, are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest innovative and exciting information technology solutions possible. We prize our commitment to customer satisfaction, from around the world and around the corner. From Mexico to Manila, and from Key West to Alaska, our product lines are the ones to watch for performance and price.

Over 20+ years experience and thousands of users around the world attest to Athyron's ongoing commitment to develop and support easy-to-use, yet robust and powerful industrial software applications that put the power of PC networks at the service of the service worker.

Our specialty is the ability to deliver our technologies, install, customize and train the client, no matter where they are in the world at an incredibly low price, today!