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January 24, 2011 - MIAMI, FL.

Currently in the works, at ABS, is the Aprego V7 release, said the CEO/CTO of ABS, Alfred Fraundorf. We're very excited about this new release, but it's a whale. We need to be very careful on how it's released. Of course, we intend to have it deployed in manageable chunks, so these are contained and adequate support can be handled. We're focusing on the Back-Office module currently, with some adjustments to the update procedures, and some functionality of the Front of the House. Initially, we are releasing it to the US customer base, followed by English speaking Europe, and then Asia and the rest. All in all, it's a lot of very tedious, meticulous work. The release is anticipated in the 1st quarter of 2012.

January 02, 2011 - MIAMI, FL.

There are so many new features that are going into Version 7, said Joy Richert, Director of Marketing at ABS, in charge of marketing and branding of this new and exciting release. For example, the hostess module is being ported and is targeting implementation, as well as, the entire Back-Office module is being upgraded for the new release. The scripting engine is falling away and being replaced by the Adventa Visual Objects model, dubbed Avocado. And of course, the New Home Office module will join the new release, with the gift card program which is being tested, hand-held support for various tablet devices which are also in the works.

With respect to marketing, a number of new web sites are coming up, and with miscellaneous other projects, our teams are not getting much sleep right now. With new products like Juniper, targeting chains and inventory, sales and menu management, integrated digital signage, self service terminal support, hand held support, a new and revolutionary scripting engine, a recently developed retail Internet portal, our software architects, engineers and testers are very busy ensuring the availability of cutting edge, and most importantly, fully integrated solutions setting the product lines yet farther apart from the rest.

November 15, 2010 - MIAMI, FL.

We're now in control of our own destiny and our own knowledge base, said Alfred Fraundorf, the CEO of ABS. With all this technology under our belt, we finally made the decision to bring all CRM and Issue Tracking functions in-house. The decision to implement was not an easy one, stated Mr. Fraundorf, but overall I felt it was necessary for a number of very good reasons. One of the reasons was that hosted solutions are as permanent as the company that is providing the solution. In these volatile economic times you lose it all, if your CRM company goes out of business, or you can experience some real headaches if your solution moves its operation to substandard servers or data center. And you don't get to say much about the decisions someone else is making on your behalf. We happened to have experienced both of these scenarios. So, either you host it yourself, and if you should consider doing this, then you might as well write it, so this way your solution is specifically yours and can be modified to exactly what you need, handling information specific to what you want at the time, altered at your whim. The downside to all of this, as always, is resource allocation. However, after a brief meeting and internal discussion, it became clear that this path was the right one to take. The ABS Cloud consists of a document repository, facilities providing support materials, such as downloads and drivers, a news feed, and very importantly an issue and incident tracking facility. As we are already seeing, the direct beneficiary of this tool and technology are our customers, along with our staff, our agents and resellers and our partners.

March 22, 2010 - MIAMI, FL.


Atlantic Rose Retail Solution is the new addition to the family of ABS products, one that I am very proud of and very happy to announce, stated Joy Richert, MARKETING DIRECTOR of ABS. I personally worked very hard on this design, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, with our developers and testers. In my opinion, this product is simply fantastic. Since it's a newcomer it inherits all the benefits of our joint experience and technology. And, of course, like eat2go, although it appears to be a website, it is not. True integration between the brick-and-mortar desktop environments merge with server layers to produce the ultimate tool for retail environments. Relative to solutions that I am familiar with and have implemented over the years for my clients, just prior to coming onboard with ABS, Atlantic Rose is without any doubts, whatsoever, ultimately superior in flexibility and ease of operation. Like in eat2go, inventory control of the presentation layer is simply defining an item, and attaching an image. No knowledge or dependence upon HTML, Javascript, or any other authoring technologies is necessary. For this reason alone, Atlantic Rose Rocks! (see it work: http://www.arcadeboutique.com, and http://www.beckleyboutique.com).