• IN THE WORKS Currently in the works, at Adventa Business Solutions, is the Aprego V7 release, said the CEO of ABS, Alfred Fraundorf. We're very excited about this new release, but it's a whale.
  • APREGO TO GET NEW MODULES There are so many new features that are going into Version 7, said Joy Richert, Director of Marketing at ABS, in charge of marketing and branding of this new and exciting release.
  • ADVENTA CLOUD NEAR COMPLETION With all this technology under our belt, we finally made the decision to bring all CRM and Issue Tracking functions in-house.
  • WELCOME TO ECOMMERCE RETAIL eCommerce Retail Solution is the new addition to the family of ABS products, one that I am very proud of and very happy to announce, stated Joy Richert, MARKETING DIRECTOR of ABS.
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